"In December, I want to look back at the year and answer two questions: 1. how did we do? and 2. what do we want to do better next year?" I say this every year and we take a week and do exactly that. But let me be honest, it didn't happen every year between the kids and multiple businesses and trying to stabilize and scale. So before you say you can't, know that we have been there. If you aren't stable, you need to stabilize for growth. If you are serious and ready to scale, this is an essential step.

This year, we tried the idea of annual planning out. We set aside a week on the calendar to talk and run reports. We met daily, talking for a couple hours each time, covering accomplishments and what we hope to do in 2021. In the process, we discovered key insights about our customers, grew as a team and made huge decisions on all 3 businesses.

This process tends to directly contrast what most entrepreneurs do for their yearly review: nothing. Many of us are solo-preneurs, already too busy to set time aside for reviewing what we did this year. Others simply don't see the point. Most entrepreneurs like you and me simply don't review our past work and we're leaving money on the table. There's a simple process every small business and founder should follow to review the past year and plan the next year. There's simply so much to learn from this process, and I'm asking you to start today if you've never done it before.

We created our annual planning guide to help you learn, scale and STOP leaving money on the table. Commit to this exercise annually and watch the magic happen.  Have questions?  Join our Facebook Community for Savvy Entrepreneurs.

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