We recently held a live call with potential coaching clients and they had a lot of great questions that we know you might also have so we wanted to take a few minutes and share the Q&A’s to put at ease any lingering questions you might have about our signature coaching program, Starter to CEO. Let’s dive in, shall we?

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Who is the program for?

Starter to CEO is for female entrepreneurs.

How long is the program and how many students are accepted?

It is a 5-week intensive coaching program where NONE of the content is pre-recorded. Other programs feature pre-recorded content, however, our program is highly unique in that I believe that every business has unique needs and should be treated that way.

I have blocked off time in my calendar for the next coaching session because I believe that I should always be fully present and show up completely for each of you during our coaching sessions.

The next round of coaching clients will allow 6 students, rather than 4 this time, so I want to ensure that I can be most respectful of each and every persons valuable time AND really provide the best insight and tools for each one of you.

What’s inside the program?

The first module is on business foundations. Whether you are just starting out or getting ready to scale your business it is important to have a solid foundation to build your business on.

Here we teach you how to outline the foundation of your business from finances, to trademarking your business, to simply getting all of those puzzle pieces laid out in the right way to build your business successfully.

Module two is marketing based. It teaches how to build networks based on referrals and how to lean in on your competition and learning exactly who your competition is (and who it is NOT!).

In the third module, you’ll learn all about sales! Module three has become one of my favorites in recent months. I teach you how to go from that ‘used car salesman’ imposter feeling, to being a confident business owner who is not only knowledgeable about your product/ service but also capable of pitching yourself and your business to the right people (they came to YOU for a reason right?).

Module four is where you’ll learn exactly how to mentally become the CEO of your company. Imposter syndrome is very real and so many of us have experienced it at some point. I’ll teach you how to leave the freelancing behind, overcome that imposter syndrome feeling, and work ON your business, rather than IN it.

Finally, are you a mompreneur? If so, the final module will truly speak to your soul. Wait, we’re going to talk parenthood? You bet we are! The majority of us are moms/ parents. We take care of all of the behind-the-scenes things that happen in our families and in our homes that many don’t even consider.

We make Halloween costumes fabulous, Christmastime is extra magical, ensure the Easter Bunny doesn’t leave an odd number of eggs in the yard, and so much more! But with all of that, work, mom-guilt, and so on…it comes with burnout and a lack of balance.

I want to help you learn how to find that ideal balance and really dedicate time to your passion for growing your dream business.

What qualifies you to teach me how to start my business? (My favorite question!)

Because I have been exactly where you are, right now. I have worked in and with startups for my entire career; helping to launch businesses from the ground and also helping startups go international. I also have put my own business goals on hold to ensure that my client’s needs are met so they can reach their goals! This has served me well and we crossed 7 figures. I don't like to use that statistic because it isn't a true measure of success but this is the one time you will hear me say it because we mean serious business 😉

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I hope this information has helped you gain some clarity and answer questions about the Starter to CEO program. Still have questions? Reach out via email to support@idiyaconsulting.com or DM us on Instagram!

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