A Branding Package is An Investment in Your Business

Much like anything else for your business, you will have a budget for branding and marketing. We can all agree that a well-positioned, beautifully visualized brand with a compelling story can give a startup/small business a tremendous advantage in the marketplace. But it is critical to budget for this investment correctly. Spending too much, too early can drain the business of the financial resources it needs for growth. Invest too little, too late, and the startup/business might underperform its true potential or disappear in a crowded field.

A typical startup branding package might include any of the following elements:

  • company or product name
  • visual identity system (e.g. logo, typography, color, supporting visual elements)
  • brand story, positioning, and messaging
  • website
  • additional brand materials (e.g. business cards, signage, brochures, social media, etc.)

Our packages are vary to suit timing and the stage of development in your business. The understanding that you can not do it all when you can allocate those resources to bringing in revenue, is not lost on us.

Logo Design

full color logo design
With our branding package (s), our logo design process begins with our branding exercise and coaching with our clients around the project and desired outcome so we are all on the same page. At the studio, we do more research into the industry, history, competition, etc., then take all of the information and start sketching.





Our first presentation includes three logo design concepts shown both alone and in context of a business card design. With feedback, we revise two chosen sketch through a defined number of rounds until the design is satisfactory from design, marketing and client perspective.

Style Guide

Deliverables include a final logo in various file formats, including sized for most social media platforms, as well as a PDF style guide which outlines “rules” for your new branding. These rules include colors, typography recommendations and more.

The PDF serves as your guide to creating a consistent, cohesive brand through your visuals and marketing materials. It’s how the big boys make their brands look memorable and polished. And when you’re a small company just getting started, being able to DIY some of your materials is definitely a cost saver – and a brand strengthener. Consistency is the key to building brand recognition.

Where we differ is lower cost, more experience and we design and print in house. We take a guess work out of having your marketing materials printed and our packages include design and and printing of them in the pro packages.

What's Next?

Logos and brand identities are exciting to create, but the bigger thrill for us is being a good partner, helping you grow with your brand and designing marketing materials and websites that generate results. Our entire identity is based on making marketing, branding, print and design affordable for everyone choosing to chase their dreams.

Get in touch today and let’s talk about what your company needs in your ultimate branding package. We’ve added a menu for restaurants, an icon for apps, letterhead, envelopes, and certainly websites – whatever your small business or start-up needs to get off the ground, let’s make it happen.

Don't know where to start? Start with our FREE branding worksheet to discover your identity and target market.

Because knowing where to start can be challenging, Idiya has tools to help make writing a business plan less intimidating and time consuming. Our small business resource academy offers a free module for a business plan that helps simplify the process. 

If you want a more hands-on approach, you can get assistance from a coach to help complete your business plan. Working with a coach can help with all aspects of starting, growing or expanding your business.