First, what are Pinterest group boards?
Pinterest groups are boards with more than one contributing pinner. Think Facebook groups, but for Pinterest.
Group boards come in all sizes and niches, and typically have a small list of rules you need to follow in order to participate. Things like...
  1. Following the board
  2. Pinning on-topic content
  3. Pin design
  4. Zero spam
  5. Re-pinning group content
Second, why should you use group boards?
Generally speaking, you use group boards to expand your visibility on Pinterest. The general idea is that a group of people is working together to promote one another's content by re-pinning from that board.
The more traffic your Pins get, the more reach you have, the more success you will see on Pinterest.
Finally, how to find group boards to join.
There's no shortage of group boards that you can join. My best advice is to search for pinners like yourself in your niche and see what group boards they are contributing to.
Alternatively, you can also check out where you can search for group boards relevant to you.

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