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Your digital marketing strategy should also be unique to your brand. By humanizing your brand in the age of social media and artificial intelligence, we can maximize results, create growth and increase the return on your investment.

Graphic Design and Print

Is your brand in need of some new energy? Do your marketing materials lack a ‘wow’ factor? Our graphic designers and marketing team can design and print products that deliver  meaningful results . We believe in having great design and intelligent marketing.

Promotional Products

Make your business stand out with custom promo products. Let our graphic designers show-off your brand on our crowd-pleasing products.


Over 90% of startups fail and we believe it is due to the lack of education and resources. At Idiya Consulting, we assist startups in communicating their ideas to their potential customers, investors, customers, journalists etc. We are here to help you achieve your goals through smart and effective methods. If you are a startup entrepreneur who wants to gain visibility, increase lead generation or get funding ready, contact us and we will help you achieve your business objectives.

Social Media

social media managementOur social media management practice efficiently generates a strong, targeted following across targeted social media platforms. Our team works with you to understand your demographics and formulates a strategy to build your brand.We are a small business focused solely on small business owners who wear multiple hats at all times.

Graphic Design and Print

graphic design and print servicesWhen it comes to marrying creativity and graphic design, we can deliver everything from e-books, print and digital publications as well as vehicle graphics to your company fleet. We launched our small business to deliver results for companies large and small who recognize the value of great design and intelligent marketing.

Promotional Products

promotional products for marketingIt’s not just a product if it has your logo on it. Let our graphic designers help bring your bring your vision to life so you can market your brand accordingly. Make your business stand out with custom promo products. Show-off your brand on our crowd-pleasing products and leave a lasting impression.


We take client satisfaction very seriously, that’s why we’ve made it easy for you to get in touch with us. You can schedule a consultation, email us or  submit our contact form.



Our objective to provide content that generates value and encourages discussions around the problems of today. Our focus on entrepreneurship demands that we discuss the necessities that will bring about the innovations of tomorrow. Interested in writing for us or submitting an article? Fill out the contact us form and we will be in touch.

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