Wait wait…isn’t it supposed to be the power of yes? Indeed, my friend, we are taught the power of yes and to relentlessly hustle but we never discuss the power of no. Saying no isn’t a bad thing. Repeat after me, saying NO is a good thing!

Setting boundaries is an essential skill that we lack in the name of being polite and helpful. We care a bit too much about what others think of us and less about what we think of ourselves and our happiness.

freedom to say no

Most of us are conditioned to say yes, so here are ten tips on how to say no nicely.

  1. Sounds nice but I am not available
  2. I am honored that you asked but I can’t do it
  3. I am sorry but I can’t help you at this time
  4. Unfortunately, it is not a good time
  5. I am not available at this time, maybe next time
  6. Unfortunately, this is not something I can do right now
  7. I really appreciate you asking but I can’t commit to that right now
  8. Sorry but I can’t make it, maybe another time
  9. Thanks for thinking of me. I can’t take something off my plate to add this right now
  10. No thanks

The mindset shift to learn to say no, takes time. It is a daily and intentional practice. When we polled our entrepreneurial community on what they would like to improve or change as an entrepreneur, the most popular answer was, “learning to say no to things that do not serve me.”

We hope this serves as a reminder in your entrepreneurship journey and life  as seasons change, that you too are allowed to change and afford yourself some grace. Learn to say no to the things that do not serve you in life and move forward with a renewed vigor.