Announcing the Entrepreneurial Summit starting April 4th, 2017 and ending April 25th, 2017.


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We have some awesome content and wise words of wisdom from Experts for Aspiring Entrepreneurs, including yours truly. The sole purpose of this Summit is to help others help themselves.

Expert videos will begin to air on 4/4/17. One video interview will be posted each day thereafter for about 21+ days. There is plenty of juicy 'how-to' content for Aspiring Entrepreneurs to help pave their path onward & upward! Here is a sneak preview of just a few of the general video topics:

  • The $250,000 Elevator Pitch, (an aspiring entrepreneurs journey)
  • Swim Confidently with the Sharks on SharkTank!
  • B.Y.O.B., Become your own Brand
  • Sell without Selling
  • Discover how ‘Get-Your-Sheet-Together’, successfully got to market, (an aspiring entrepreneurs journey)
  • Wake-em-Up Presentations using Emotional Language
  • To Patent or Not to Patent?
  • Looks are Everything, Package like a Pro
  • The Power of Crowdfunding
  • Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Voice
  • How Kickstarter helped get this product from Mind to Market, (an entrepreneurs journey)
  • Ignite Mass Influence Marketing
  • Getting Unstuck from the Entrepreneurial Muck
  • The Power of the Prototype with 3D printing
  • How to use Social Media to grow your Business
  • Discover how effective relationships can raise Capital
  • Funding your Entrepreneurial Genius
  • As seen on SharkTank! (an aspiring entrepreneur journey)
  • Market like a Rockstar with a Mascot
  • The art of making the business deal
  • And many more…

We will also have thousands of dollars’ worth of gifts provided by each expert interview up for grabs for those who view the online videos.

The reality is, lack of knowledge on taking your product to market hinders many entrepreneurial ventures. Even if our viewers get one idea from each of the 21 videos on different topics, then we have met out goal of helping entrepreneurs evolve on their entrepreneurial path.

The summit is FREE, so Sign Up today to Invent, Promote and Profit!