What is a lead magnet? How does one create it and why create one at all? Those questions are enough to add to any startup's overwhelm. Overwhelm is not where abundance is housed so let's take a healthy approach to learning what a lead magnet is and why it is an important asset to the sales in your business.

A lead magnet is an offer that you can promote to prospective customers in exchange for their email address and perhaps other forms of information (such as name and phone numbers).

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If you’re familiar with Adobe InDesign, you can create your lead magnet there and convert it to a pdf. But if not, no worries—there are plenty of other solutions. Canva is an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop designer made especially for those who have no technical design training. And another great hack is to design the lead magnet in PowerPoint or Slides and then export it as a PDF.

A good lead magnet should:

  1. Resonate with a specific audience : It always seems that when one tries to speak to everyone, they reach no one. Be clear about your intended audience.
  2. Have an eye-catching title that is, ideally, benefit focused: You’re competing for people’s attention against lots and lots of other content. How will reading this guide benefit the reader? Try incorporating that benefit into the title.
  3. Educate and lead to further action: What should readers do after consuming the lead magnet? This question is tied to the purpose of the lead magnet. If we’re using the example above, and your lead magnet is Discover Your Branding Position (see what we did there), you might share what people should look for in an answer and subtly work in your own answers to those questions.This is a great way to educate prospects on your services and the experience you provide. You might also tell your lead how to inquire about your services at the end of the guide or encourage them to check out some of your recent work.

Creating this magnet can take more time than creating other content so it’s important you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve with your lead magnet. Collecting emails is not the end-goal. Making a sale is the goal, so make sure you’re creating high quality leads by creating highly focused and intentional lead magnets.

Once you have established a lead magnet that can be repurposed and shared on multiple platforms, begin building your email list of vetted and qualified clients so you can make sales. Never lose sight of the intention, bring the value, give, give, give…and you will have a waitlist if you always make the offer.

To Chasing Big Dreams,

Kamni Gupta