Last month, I added over 100 new subscribers to my email list without paying for any ads. 9 of them signed up for consults, 4 signed on as 1:1 coaching clients, and a few signed up for my free membership site and 2 bought out branding packages. I hit my biggest income month to date. If you added 100 or more people to your email list every single month, you would end the year with over 1200 people on your list. Did you add that many last year? If so, did you do it without paid ads?

Ads on social media are a unique opportunity for us right now, and can be incredible for the results of your business – so I don’t want you to think they aren’t worth the investment to do them right. But for those of you who are just starting out in your business, this can be a powerful strategy to grow your list – before you have the marketing budget to invest in paid ads.

Create an irresistible free offer

Get deeply in touch with you target audience/ideal clients’s struggles and the solution you offer to that problem. Keep in mind your paid offer, and how this free offer will take them on the first step toward the paid offer. What do they really want? What would they be willing to pay for? I encourage you to craft an extremely high quality free offer that will leave them thinking “this was SO good, I would have paid for it!” There are way too many marketers out there with free offers that someone who isn’t an expert in that field could create. If your ideal client is disappointed by a mediocre freebie, they will *not* become your client. Make this free offer irresistible – and make it generous.

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Create your landing page

Craft a simple but compelling page where people will land, read more info about your free offer, and sign up easily. Make it simple – and have a sign up near the top of the page for the people who are already a yes. You don’t want them to leave the page without signing up if they have to scroll too much. Keep it simple!

Create your promo materials

Where will you promote? Use the location to inform the strategy and type of materials you create.

Facebook: I recommend you write a quick little summary – that is super enticing – about your freebie with the link at the end. Save this in the notes section of your phone. Also, make a quick graphic that is eye catching and attractive to go with. You’ll keep both stored easily accessible on your phone and computer to share quickly.


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Promote like crazy

Go back to your ideal client – where are they? It’s super important that you are sharing your free offer where your ideal client actually is. For many of my clients, their clients are in Facebook groups and on Pinterest.

Facebook: Join groups where your target audience is. Many of these groups will have weekly or twice weekly posts where you can share and promote things. You can expect to get a handful of sign ups from each of these. 4-5 sign ups per post, in 4-5 groups per week = 20 sign ups a week, 100 in a month. The more groups you’re in, and the more enticing your offer, the more sign ups you’ll receive.

pinterest and tailwind tribes

Pinterest: Use long tail keywords in the description and share it to as many relevant boards, Tailwind tribes, etc as you can. Incorporate it into your loop strategy on Pinterest so it is regularly being shared.

What's Next?

Logos and brand identities are exciting to create, but the bigger thrill for us is being a good partner, helping you grow with your brand and designing marketing materials and websites that generate results. Our entire identity is based on making marketing, branding, print and design affordable for everyone choosing to chase their dreams.

Get in touch today and let’s talk about what your company needs in your ultimate branding package. We’ve added a menu for restaurants, an icon for apps, letterhead, envelopes, and certainly websites – whatever your small business or start-up needs to get off the ground, let’s make it happen.