Startup Fundraising

Campaign Management Services

Our crowdfunding campaign management practice incorporates a 6-step system to maximize the probability of a successful campaign, developed after thoroughly researching both successful and unsuccessful crowdfunding campaigns.  While no project can be guaranteed to be successful, our team works with you to understand your vision for the fundraising goals and utilization of funds raised, and formulate recommendations and next steps accordingly.

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A sample listing of our steps include:

  • Business Planning
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Networking & Team Building
  • Intellectual Property
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Fulfillment

Crowdfunding is one of the most powerful marketing machines in our world today.  It creates social proof, raises capital, creates customer engagement, generates market research and integrates the value of your social connections to what you are creating in a direct and tangible way.  Crowdfunding gives your supporters, allies, friends, and family a way to market for you.