Your brand can lay the visual foundation for your creative small business. When we think about the brands and businesses we love and feel connected to, we can see how the visual foundation – brand design, web design, and photography – played a role in our connection.

Your brand can then be carried through each area of your small business – from your website and social media marketing to your business documents – creating an elevated, trustworthy experience from beginning to end.

Whether you’ve spent countless hours creating your own brand and web design, or whether you’ve hired someone to create your brand and web design — your brand and web design have been an investment. And it’s likely they’re an investment you’d like to make the most of!

 If you’ve designed your own brand, create a Brand Manual — a document which explores the color palette, font styles, and standards of your brand. (And, if you’ve hired a designer to create your brand, keep your Brand Manual on-hand.)  Beyond sharing the details of your brand, your Brand Manual shares how your brand’s color palette, your brand’s font styles — headings, subheadings, paragraphs — should be used.

Step 2: Carry your brand throughout all of your third-party apps and business resources. As previously mentioned, resources like Canva and Flodesk allow you to program in your brand’s color palette. Consistency is key!

Step 3: Lastly, beyond the visual aspects of your brand, be mindful of the way you speak or write on behalf of your small business. What type of language do you use to describe your services? What type of tone or voice do you use on social media or in your marketing? Though every small business is unique and develops a unique and purposeful strategy, we often speak and write about our products and services similarly across all platforms. That way, whether a prospective client or customer comes upon our business first using social media — they’ll receive the same voice, personality, and experience when they navigate to our website.

Brand consistency is making sure that your brand values, image, and messaging is consistent across all channels. Customers appreciate it when a business has a consistent brand. In fact, consistent presentation of a brand has seen to increase revenue by 33 percent (Lucidpress,2019). 

Consumers want to know your business, and one of the best ways is through your brand. Keeping a consistent brand image helps customers position you as a business, and makes it easier for them to remember you or associate with your brand. 

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