Your mindset is the most important factor when thinking about your business success. With a poor mindset you're less likely to climb the ladder of success. Entrepreneurship is not an easy path to choose and the challenges will shift your entire being if you let it. Here are tip's from our founders' on how to train your mind for success.

Here are some tips which our founders' personally stand by to help keep a positive mindset.

1. Exercise

We are not morning people but we became them. Waking up to exercise, have your cup of coffee/tea in solitude helps you prepare for the day ahead without screaming kids and dogs. Exercise helps the body to keep fit but it helps the brain. We find when we exercise in the morning, it helps set us up for the day. It is a renewed focus and ready to reach set targets.

2. Goals!

How often do you set targets and goals?
We tend to set my weekly and monthly goals. We are the ying and yang as marketing and finance can hash out a well debated plan to map out how we intend to reach these goals.

With no goals what are you actually working towards? Make SMART goals.

3. Your People and Your Team

Who do you spend time with? Are they on a similar mission with similar ambitions?

We deem this the most important as who you are surrounded by and who you have on your team will determine the outcome of the goals/dreams you are chasing.  It is very important to surround yourself with similar ambitions. This is not saying the same goals but people with the same drive as you to succeed. By doing this you will bounce off each other by continuously helping and encouraging each other with business ideas and goal setting.

Your team is the backbone of your bread and butter. Lead and create leaders within your team and let them flourish.

4. To do list

We always do a weekly and daily to do list. We use Asana for 5 different workspaces.
This helps us stay on track of what we need to complete to reach those goals and work with our different businesses and team seamlessly. With so many balls in the air, it is vital to stay organized as an organization.

Tip: Review your to do list the night before. It helps you prepare for the day. For example, if Kamni has an early meeting, we set out outfits and shoes ahead of time.

5. Reflect

By keeping a journal you can let out your emotions on paper. Journaling helps calm the mind, it helps release any emotions held in the mind. You can use your journal to look back and see how far you have come. Journal your ideas, journal your feelings, journal your day, journal what you want to manifest into your life. Do whatever helps your achieve clarity of mind because that is when creative juices can have a chance to work.

Start to practice just these 5 simple steps in your life and we hope you begin to see what a difference they can make to your daily life and goals.

Because knowing where to start can be challenging, Idiya has tools to help make writing a business plan less intimidating and time consuming. Our small business resource academy offers a free module for a business plan that helps simplify the process. 

If you want a more hands-on approach, you can get assistance from a coach to help complete your business plan. Working with a coach can help with all aspects of starting, growing or expanding your business.