There are many unspoken but common-sense practices that we must exercise as content producers. The market is saturated with content but the ones who engage with your audience, provide value and avoid these mistakes, truly prevail.

1. Overly promotional

Whatever your social media marketing goals are, what matters is that you bring value to your audience. Some brands make the mistake of assuming that what’s valuable to them is also important to their customer persona, and they use their social platforms to broadcast, to “sell, sell, sell”, rather than considering what really matters to people they're trying to reach.

2.  Irrelevant viral posts

Resist the urge to resort to sharing the latest viral meme when you’re low on time and your social feeds are looking empty. But chances are, your audience has already seen it, and you reposting is only dumbing down the rest of your hard work.

Instead, plan your content in advance to make sure that what you post is relevant to your audience.

3. Brand-inconsistent

Your social media profiles are an extension of your brand, and although you’re restricted by the format of the social platform you’re posting to, you still have creative control over your brand voice.

When you’re planning out your social content, revisit your brand personas. Think about what they would be saying on social media and how they’d be saying it. Make sure that the content you publish stays as close to these styles and themes as possible.

4. Hashtag-stuffed

Hashtags are a useful tool as they help to increase the visibility and share-ability of your content across social media. That said, if you stuff your social content with an abundance of irrelevant hashtags, then you’ll risk making your post unreadable, and diluting the importance of the more relevant ones.

5. Posts with spelling or grammatical errors

Your social media profiles, like your website, are your virtual shop windows. Making a mistake in your content - either a simple typo or a full-blown grammatical error - can look as though you don’t care. When you’re drafting your content, make sure you proofread before you publish.

Remember that negative, irrelevant or clumsy content can damage your brand. Cut out these five content types, and you’ll give your valuable content a better chance of getting seen.