Your customers are human. Your partners are human. Your employees are human. Even your social media fans and followers are human (despite those annoying bots) so answer us this…why are you talking to them like they are a robot who wants to read your corporate speak? Why are you afraid to let your human show?

Your audience wants to see you, hear you and understand you. They want you to inspire them to connect and engage with you. They want you to help them achieve their goals and objectives. They want relevant content and conversation that makes them think. They want inspired to do different, do better and be better.

Here are 5 tips to humanize your brand if you haven’t already.

Talk to Your Audience Like They Are Your Friend

When constructing your marketing copy, have the mindset that you are talking to someone who is close to you. If you have the image of your made-up ideal client in your mind, it is going to be clear in your content. Picture yourself talking to a family member interested in buying your product, and word your messages based on that.

Don’t Sell Products; Tell Stories

The point of humanizing your brand is not for your business to be known as a business, but as a person. People connect with people, not companies, so give your business some personality by showing a lighter side to it and telling stories to relate to your audience. People retain stories and have an easier time recalling your message to convey to others if you practice story telling in your business.

Take a Side

Share the causes your brand supports like animal welfare, disease research and human services. It’s unlikely you’ll receive anything but support for taking the sides the sick and disadvantaged. If you’re still too shy to show your support for a real cause, start the kind of silly side-taking brawl the internet is famous for, such as: ketchup versus mustard, morning versus night, dogs versus cats, summer versus winter, different pronunciations of common words– you get it.

Have fun shaking things up. Not only do opinions help to shape your brand’s personality, they can strike up an awesome opportunity to converse with your audience.

Side note: We are team Sriracha, it's the new ketchup!

sriracha is the new ketchup


Answer every single post and as many comments as possible. People won’t take the time to engage with your brand or even pay attention to your social channels if they think you aren’t listening. Show them you are invested by being a part of every conversation. Marketers call this social listening and it is a 24 hour job in a globalized economy.

Every comment, every reply and every private message reflects on the quality of your customer service. Gone are the days of confining customer issues to a toll free number. Today, you’re publicly held accountable for everything you do right, everything you do wrong and most importantly, how you react.

Share user-generated content.

Sharing user-generated content works to humanize your brand in two ways: First, it’s exciting and flattering to the user who gets his or her photo featured on your website or social media feed. Second, it shows other consumers that you have great relationships with their peers and that those people already enjoy your products. 

Follow these 5 tips to humanize your brand is an ever evolving landscape. 

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 "A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don't necessarily want to go, but ought to be." -Rosalynn Carter