It's brutal, the constant need to come up with content. Not just any content, the magical words that speak directly to your ideal client and convert them to a YES before a sales call. Here are five tips to help you generate content for your brand that has served us well in the long term.

  1. Embrace the silence - Our mind has a tendency to cleanse itself and become more creative when it has had time to digest the information being given to it. Embrace silence in your day and let your creative juice flow. We always jot down ideas on content pieces into Asana and follow through at a later date.
  2. Find a lesson in your everyday - Each day as your deal with your business and clients, be an active listener. Your struggles are the struggles of others and your customers struggles and challenges are your problems to solve. Jot these down and come up with a solution and share that with your audience.
  3. Crowdsource - That's right, ask THEM! Ask the very customers you serve what they would like to learn or hear more about. This is the most direct and clear way to get timely information where it needs to go and increase credibility and visibility for your brand.
  4. Write it down- As we mentioned, we write down our ideas in Asana and write the articles as we go. We are playing the long game with our SEO efforts but do note 📝  when you come across an article that your competitors wrote 2 years ago that brings that organic web traffic. You should research and update that article and steal that traffic and backlinks. It is hard work but entirely possible.
  5. Scroll Less: What?! You heard us. Stop looking at all those coaches and their content and speeches. It isn't for you. Be where your ideal customer is and scroll less of what isn't relevant to your brand and calling.

We hope these tips are helpful and help you produce powerful, impactful and hard hitting content for your brand.

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