5 Reasons You Need A Brand Strategist in 2020

corona virus and taking your business online

A Brand Strategist may sound foreign to you; but, in reality, it may be the most important person you hire for your company especially given the present Corona Virus Pandemic. A Brand Strategist specializes in research, analysis, positioning, messaging and the development of an informed, marketing communications plan that will effectively connect your company to your customers to build and further your brand equity.

For those businesses who do not have a way to operate their business online, it is time to get on board. Your ideal customers are home bound and constantly online. This is the time to be front and center to earn brand recognition and leads.

Following is a list of 5 reasons why your company should hire a Brand Strategist.

#1: What worked for your friend’s business may not work for you.

No two businesses are the same. Even if you work in similar industries or have similar target customers, the same strategy should not be blindly applied. Can you imagine if Coca-Cola and Pepsi deployed the same brand strategy? Customers would likely be confused and/or turned off. After all, the appropriate brand strategy for your business begins with the research and insights for your company with your target audience(s) and ends with the implementation and measurement of a strategic PR/marketing plan all your own.


#2: Your brand isn’t what you do, it’s why you do it.

The purpose of building a brand for your company is to build your identity and connection with your customers. A humanized brand aka, relational relationships, are built on emotional connections and it isn’t what your company does; but, rather why you do it that builds that more long-lasting relationship. A Brand Strategist helps you to discover your most authentic brand story.

#3: Not all of your customers are created equal.

Research with your target audience(s) because your brand likely has several audiences – investors, customers, employees, etc. And, the message and strategy won’t be the same for them all. A Brand Strategist can help you to identify, prioritize and customize the message for each of your audiences.

#4: Because you don’t ‘just need social media’ support.

For many brands, some presence on social media is essential. But, I wouldn’t recommend any brand prioritize social media before they’ve identified their best brand message and strategy. And, because social media is a means to an end, your social followers will most likely (and ideally) find their way to your website. It is paramount that your website be dynamic, user-friendly, and, above all else, presentable. Your brand must be continuous across all of your communication channels. No one channel can stand alone. Brand equity is built through consistency!

#5: Because the last direct mail piece, email campaign or (you fill-in-the-blank) didn’t pan out so well for you.

Maybe you’ve worked with a consultant in the past or maybe you’ve even been DIY-ing your marketing efforts. But whatever you’ve been doing just isn’t working (or at least working consistently) for you. A Brand Strategist can help to review your campaigns to pin point what has and hasn’t worked for you in the past. They’ll diagnose the problem and create a recipe for success. Diversifying your approach is important as your company and customers continue to evolve.

Can you relate to any of these reasons? If you haven't taken the necessary steps to take your business online, now is the time. Wherever your business is today – the beginning, two years in, five years in or more – it’s never too late to invest in your brand! A Brand Strategist is a connector. They help connect your business – to your message, strategy, team and customers –across all your communication channels to optimally grow your business equity.

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