Have you ever wondered if direct mail is worth your time?

In our world of all things digital, direct mail seems old and boring. You wouldn’t drive a horse-drawn carriage to work, would you?  Yet, the evidence is undeniable. Direct Mail has the highest ROI. Most marketers, like myself, were quite shocked by this.

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In 2016, The Data & Marketing Association reported that the direct mail customer response rate increased by 43%. Even better, the prospect response rate increased by 190% compared to 2015.

Direct Mail Marketing is not dead and here are 5 reasons why:

1. Direct mail has a high ROI.

Would it surprise you if I said that direct mail gives you more bang for your buck than paid search and online display ads?

Well, it does.

Direct mail has a median ROI of 29%, putting the ROI in third behind email and social media marketing. Social media is ahead by only 1 percentage point. That baffling ROI says nothing of direct mail’s response rate, which is 5.3% for mail sent to houses and 2.9% for prospect lists.

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2. Direct mail can target your audience better than you might think.

On social media, targeting your audience is dead simple.

Visit your local UPS store for insight into launching your own Every Door Direct Mail tool to send mail to different customers in different areas. If you nailed down exactly who your target audience is, EDDM campaigns are your best investments to attract them to your business.

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3.  Direct mail is becoming less common.

At first glance, that might not seem like a good thing. Maybe fewer marketers are using direct mail because it doesn’t work? But statistics provided above prove otherwise!

The answer is simple. Since everyone is familiar with digital marketing, it’s easier to start getting results than doing a direct-mail campaign. So fewer people do it. Having a multi-channel marketing campaign will benefit any marketing team, and direct mail should be a part of that effort.

4.  Direct mail is tangible.

Since direct mail is tangible, it sticks around. It clutters physical space. Email is easy to forget about because it’s just a number on a screen, but mail is unavoidable.

According to Epsilon, 77% of people open their mail as soon as they receive it. Data from the Direct Mail Association (DMA) showed that two-thirds of people have bought something because of a direct mail piece. So about 66% of people have purchased a product because of direct mail.

If your direct mail piece has a special offer, most people will save it for future use and then they won’t be able to forget about it.

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5. Direct mail is for all age groups. 

You send an email, use Facebook Ads, or do any online marketing, your chance of reaching an older demographic isn’t good.

Only 59% of people between ages 65 and 69 own a smartphone. That percentage decreases all the way to 17% as the age increases. Conversely, direct mail reaches everyone, the young and the old alike. Everyone checks the mail, and because of that, your postcards and coupons can turn anyone into a customer.

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Despite the belief that direct mail is dead, it couldn’t be more alive.

The expanding practice of digital marketing has only enhanced the return on investment you can get from a successful direct mail campaign sent to your customers. If you’re wondering why direct mail should take a place in your marketing tool belt, the above 5 reasons are answer enough.

Direct mail campaigns give a high ROI and even a higher ROI than paid ads. They can work effectively in a campaign by themselves, or alongside a digital-marketing campaign. You can use direct mail to target the right customers at the right time. And it’s easy to track the results of each campaign you run.

With direct mail becoming less common, there is less noise. Because direct mail is more likely to get read, it increases your brand awareness, even if the first letter is unsuccessful. Unlike digital campaigns, direct mail has a larger appeal to every age group. Since direct mail is a physical product, it allows room for you to be more creative. In the end, direct mail is powerful because it’s different from the digital way of doing things.

We all get hundreds of emails every week. But we get a fraction of that number in the form of letters in my mailbox. To stand out in a world where everything has gone electronic, consider complementing your digital-marketing strategy with a direct-mail campaign.

It’s a missing personal touch in an incredibly busy world. One of the biggest investments’ companies are making in 2020 is personalized experience’s, and EDDM campaigns are not on everyone’s radar.

Interested in exploring how a direct mail marketing campaign will work with your 2020 marketing plan? We can design, print and send a campaign for you. Schedule a consultation today!

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