In marketing and web design, the definition of conversion is: “When a website visitor completes a desired goal.” Therefore, a conversion-focused website, or a website that converts, is a website strategically designed to help your visitors complete your desired goal or goals — to choose to book your services, purchase your products, or further engage with your business in the ways you hope.

Here are our 3 tips to convert your visitors into paying clients: 

  1. Speak directly to your audience; write about your products and services in a way your audience will connect with and value. Ensure your copywriting speaks directly to your audience. If it’s helpful, think of your website as a way to communicate on your behalf — to say to your visitors what you would say to a prospective client in person. Many entrepreneurs express their desire to make money while asleep, your website should be working for you while you sleep.
  2. Determine a call-to-action for every page of your website. Think about what you’d like your website’s visitors to do. If you’re a service-based business, perhaps you want your visitors to complete your contact form and begin the process of working with you. The right CTA's make the customer journey to client much easier.
  3. Build a blog for your website. Blogs are big for your marketing. They’re another form of direct communication with your customers, and they help you build trust. Your customers have questions they need to be answered. Even as an e-commerce website, you can address customer’s concerns and pain points through a blog. The more information and value you’re able to give them (no strings attached), the more they’ll trust you to be the best online retailer. Blogging regularly also makes your business seem active, welcoming, and trustworthy. It’s also a great place to showcase your best products in action.

We hope these 3 steps help to jump-start your customer journey toward a long-lasting brand for your small business was helpful. If you’d like us to guide you through these steps, visit to discover our Custom Design Experiences and to see the results elevated brand design can create for your small business!