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Over 90% of startups fail and we believe it is due to the lack of education and resources. At Idiya Consulting, we assist startups in communicating their ideas to their potential customers, investors, customers, journalists etc. We are here to help you achieve your goals through smart and effective methods. If you are a startup entrepreneur who wants to gain visibility, increase lead generation or get funding ready, contact us and we will help you achieve your business objectives.

Social Media

Social Media Management Services

Our social media management practice efficiently generates a strong, targeted following across all popular social media platforms.  Our team works with you to understand your targeted demographics and formulates a strategy to acquire followers to build brand awareness, build social equity, and ultimately translate into sales. social media marketing crowdfunding backers Our proven methodology provides immediate results providing your business with significant social traffic, providing targeted leads that convert to incremental sales for your company.  Our team will collaborate, plan and execute on campaigns, general conversations and industry specific chats as your business requirements dictate. A non-exhaustive listing of our services include:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram
  • Google+
  • Audience Building
  • Content Distribution
  • Content Creation and Marketing
At Idiya, we custom-tailor our offering to each of our clients’ needs, so regardless of your size, stage, or plans, we are ready to partner with you for long-term success.

Startup Fundraising

Campaign Management Services

Our crowdfunding campaign management practice incorporates a 6-step system to maximize the probability of a successful campaign, developed after thoroughly researching both successful and unsuccessful crowdfunding campaigns.  While no project can be guaranteed to be successful, our team works with you to understand your vision for the fundraising goals and utilization of funds raised, and formulate recommendations and next steps accordingly. startup fundraising crowdfunding idiya consulting A sample listing of our steps include:
  • Business Planning
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Networking & Team Building
  • Intellectual Property
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Fulfillment
Crowdfunding is one of the most powerful marketing machines in our world today.  It creates social proof, raises capital, creates customer engagement, generates market research and integrates the value of your social connections to what you are creating in a direct and tangible way.  Crowdfunding gives your supporters, allies, friends, and family a way to market for you.

Financial Services

CFO Services

In business, the saying cash is king resonates irrespective of company size.  Managing cash flow can help you increase productivity, re-invest in the future of your company, and provide you the peace of mind to know your business is for whatever opportunities or challenges lie ahead. financial cfo services idiya consulting At Idiya, we work to understand the history of your company, analyze the present state, and proactively engage with you to collectively achieve your vision for the future.  Through our approach, we identify and capitalize upon your strengths, systematically remove roadblocks hindering growth and profitability, and strengthen your company from the inside out. A non-exhaustive listing of our services include:
  • Board Communication
  • Cross-functional Initiatives
  • Financial Control and Process Implementation
  • Capitalization and Cash Needs Analysis
  • Investor Relations
  • Due Diligence Preparation (buy or sell side)
  • Risk Evaluation & Mitigation
  • Pricing & Sales Process Optimization
What can we do to help your business?From working capital needs, to margin expansion, Idiya offers end-to-end CFO services focused on making your business bankable, lendable, and increasing your overall valuation.

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Contact Us At Idiya, we take client satisfaction very seriously, that’s why we’ve made it easy for you to get in touch with us.  You can call us at 571-217-1475, email us at support@idiyaconsulting.com, or submit the form below.   We’ll be in touch with 24-48 hours. If you need a response sooner, please don’t

Educational Resources

Our objective to provide content that generates value and encourages discussions around the problems of today. Our focus on entrepreneurship demands that we discuss the necessities that will bring about the innovations of tomorrow. Interested in writing for us or submitting an article? Fill out the contact us form and we will be in touch.

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About Us

The Team Kamni Gupta Kamni is a seasoned entrepreneurial executive recently named as one of the Top 19 Crowdfunding Experts by Inc magazine, has an impressive record of scaling global businesses, driving hyper-growth, and strategic marketing. Ms. Gupta has an impressive career track with most recently having been Chief Marketing Officer at NexGen Dreams and DreamFund.com, previously cofounder at an online magazine focused on crowdfunding education, and holding various leadership roles at multiple start-ups including CoFoundersLab (a OneVest Company) and M2 Consulting. Kamni holds a B.A. in Political Science with a minor in International Relations from Texas State University, San